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Is this really FREE?

Yes, it is FREE. We will not charge you for using this site, and we never will. The Survey companies that we will introduce you to will never charge you either. Any website that asks for money in return for surveys should be treated with extreme caution. We are able to offer this service for free as we receive support from the Survey Companies we recommend, as well as donations.

How will I be paid?

Cash-paying Survey Companies will typically pay you using PayPal, whilst gift certificates and vouchers will usually be sent be email.

How does it work?

We will introduce you to the best and most credible Survey Companies with an overview of their service and a fast track option to join their market research panel.

Once you have joined a Company's market research panel you will be sent a welcome email to validate your membership. It is important that you read this email and confirm your details. Only then will you be invited to take part in online surveys. You will receive survey invites via email.

Is this all online?

Yes, this is all online, and all the surveys you will be asked to complete will be online from your computer.

How many surveys will I be asked to complete?

This depends on the demand that the Survey Companies have for people like you (age and sex in particular) at any particular time so it is difficult to be specific. Having said this, in our experience, an average person will receive around 5 invites per month from each Survey Company.

By joining multiple panels you have the opportunity to take more surveys and pick and choose the ones that reward you best.

How much can I make?

How much you make will depend on how much time you want to spend taking surveys and how many companies you choose to sign up to. We always tell people that doing paid surveys will make you “pocket money” not a salary, so it helps if you enjoy doing surveys ☺.

Please take the time to read how each the Survey Company rewards its survey takers to make sure you are comfortable with it.

Paid surveys can pay from £0.50 to £5 and possibly more for specialist survey. Other companies reward their members with gift vouchers and entry into competitions.

Is this a scam?

No, this is not a scam. We are a real company in North London (3 Wilkin Street, London, NW5 3NL) and we provide a valuable and well-established service that connects survey takers with Survey Companies. Neither us nor the Survey Companies will ever ask you for any money. You are in control at all times, and you are under no obligation. If you are still unsure, please speak with us by calling 020 7424 3137 during office hours.

How does make money?

This website is supported by the market research companies that we recommend as well as donations. Together these enable us to provide an excellent, free, no-obligation service at no cost to you.

Are my details safe?

Yes, your details are safe. Your details will not be given to 3rd parties without your consent. Your details will only be held by us and any Survey Company that you choose to sign up with. You are free to opt out from receiving survey invites from any of these companies at any time. All the Survey Companies we work with are highly reputable, very large limited and publicly listed companies.

Is there a contract?

No. There are no contracts that tie you in. You are under no obligation with any of the Survey Companies that we introduce you to. You can stop at any time.

Why am I rewarded?

Big companies need the opinions and views of people like you. This is extremely valuable to them and they are prepared to pay large sums of money for our knowledge (because the stakes are extremely high). In 2008 companies spent over $30 BILLION globally on Market Research! Your thoughts help to make sure they are making good decisions when they launch new products and services.

The Internet has enabled such companies to question very large numbers of relevant people quickly and easily, and the resulting "wisdom of crowds" is invaluable. They employ "market research" companies to do the research for them. It is these companies that manage the Surveys that you will take

If you are in interested in being rewarded for your opinions, then we can help you by introducing you to the best Survey Companies.

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